love these striped cards from essimar. (via the scoop)




i’m glad i found this pinocchio figure at canoe. we have a vintage version of it sitting on the shelf in the kids’s room. it once belonged to my mother or father and now it is sitting on a shelf in the kids’ room. this one’s nose “grows” by adjusting a hidden lever behind his hat. mine doesn’t have this feature but otherwise looks very much the same.

chinese sock hanger


i just like this picture from amy karol’s bend-the-rules sewing book. it makes me feel like buying such a chinese sock hanger and peg random things on it. it could also serve as a hanger for a mobile.  

matchstick tree


via emma’s designblogg

christmas crafts: ball ornament balloons


we just sent this angel off to switzerland where it hopefully arrives safely at my in-laws. my daughter e. decorated the nacelle and choose all the materials. an assortment of things you could use to make such a balloon is shown in the picture below: a ball ornament, a little paper cup, trimmings, cord and little things to decorate, lots of glue and maybe needle and thread. 

first i’ve glued the trimming to the ball. then, i sewed the four cords to the trimming. to attach the nacelle i’ve punched four little holes in the paper cup and and pulled the cords through them. we then decorated it with beads, leaves and flowers. the angel we cut out from a christmas card.


shadow puppets


i don’t know how good a toy shadow puppets are for little kids but these are also just beautiful to look at. owly shadow puppets.

four little boys


found these four little boys on etsy. they come in a nice little felt bag.