i’ve been seeing a lot of great diy dollhouses recently (see them here and here). this reminds me that i wanted to post e.’s little dollroom. it’s made out of a storage box and decorated to e.’s liking. we are still working on the curtains, the wall decoration and the floor. it isn’t fancy enough yet.

i like this dollroom from the nesting post:



e.’s interview


a couple of weeks ago e. was interviewed by joanna goddard about her love for pink clothes. it should have been part of an article joanna wrote for new york magazine about monochromatic new yorkers (read it here). in the end, e.’s story didn’t make it into the article but joanna posted the interview on her site a cup of joe. thanks joanna!



i’ve seen posts about volksfaden on different blogs but never paid much attention. but there are so many beautiful fabrics it makes me feel like taking up sewing immediately. and the website is lovely too…


for my sugar plum fairy


e. wants a tiara that makes her look like sugar plum fairy. i browsed etsy to get some inspiration for making one for her. i found it here. (via indie-guest)

let the sunshine in


it started with e. punching butterflies and pasting them on to our blue kitchen wall. then she made the sun with painters tape rays.  and the rest followed. i don’t think our wall decoration is finished yet. e. is working on a hot air balloon. that will look nice, i think.  

einstein’s desk



these amazing collages – einstein’s desk and sun is shining – are made by brandi strickland. she’s an artist, painter and photographer and it is worth to look at her other pieces. (via it’s nice that)

hat in the mirror


gorgeous picture from annie collinge. (via it’s nice that)