about hoipippo

hoipippo is me, christine. i live with my two kids (emma, 5 and theo, 2.5) and my husband in harlem, nyc. we moved here four years ago from switzerland. hoipippo is my archive for the things i come across that inspire me to do craft projects with my kids and that make our lives more beautiful and fun.


10 Responses

  1. i love the whimsy behind everything….very fun!! Would love to subscribe to your blog……

  2. …so glad you have time to work on your blog. It’s awesome!

  3. nice work. ill be back for sure!

  4. I found your web site on ffffound and really like it… and I guess you may like our workshop http://www.harmonie-interieure.com

    Keep up the nice selection…

  5. hi christine. just found you by way of crafty crow. i love your site and will be adding it to my sidebar and rss feed. thank you for sharing your inspirations and in turn, inspiring me.

  6. I love love this website – thanks so much.
    My absolute favorites are the peanut Santas!

  7. I love those icecreams!

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