there is

a little accordion book that tells a sweet story for somebody you like. click here to see a bigger picture of the eight illustrations. from iris schwarz, a swiss illustrator and graphic designer.


little things in color

this picture is somewhat related to the post below. it’s an original collage called “little things in color” by nadja mueller, a berlin and boston based textile designer.

blue tape painting

blue tape again! this “blue tape painting” is made by stork bites man together with his daughter.

birth tickets

among many other interesting things, i found this cool birth announcement on the dutch artists niessen & de vries‘s website. see more here.

colored words

i like the look of these hand cut words with the colored tissue paper background. here is another one. by bread + butter

carved crayons


diem chau sculpts wax crayola crayons into exquisitely detailed colorful totems. via emma’s blog

anne de vries




i’ve just discovered the work of dutch photographer/artist anne de vries. her work is colorful and weird. find more inspiring images on her website. (via it’s nice that)