who wants ice cream?

inspired by the post below we set up our own ice cream parlor. the popsicles and ice cream scoops are made of salt dough. it turned out to be an excellent material to  create durable figures. the only down point is that it takes a while  for it to harden. we then painted the ice cream with acrylic paint.


blue tape painting

blue tape again! this “blue tape painting” is made by stork bites man together with his daughter.


i like this little paper village. this one is made from a cut-out print by blissen but it would also be fun to make our own little houses and creatures. 

colored words

i like the look of these hand cut words with the colored tissue paper background. here is another one. by bread + butter

egg trees



i wish i had made (or bought) some kind of eggs to decorate a bunch of branches. the beautiful egg trees above are from purl bee and fine little day.

spring dots



lovely springlike window and table decorations with these dots.

clothes for eggs

we are in switzerland right now. i visited my grandma’s sister in bern. there i discovered these amazing crocheted and knitted ‘clothes’ for eggs.