i’ve been seeing a lot of great diy dollhouses recently (see them here and here). this reminds me that i wanted to post e.’s little dollroom. it’s made out of a storage box and decorated to e.’s liking. we are still working on the curtains, the wall decoration and the floor. it isn’t fancy enough yet.

i like this dollroom from the nesting post:



for my sugar plum fairy


e. wants a tiara that makes her look like sugar plum fairy. i browsed etsy to get some inspiration for making one for her. i found it here. (via indie-guest)

let the sunshine in


it started with e. punching butterflies and pasting them on to our blue kitchen wall. then she made the sun with painters tape rays.  and the rest followed. i don’t think our wall decoration is finished yet. e. is working on a hot air balloon. that will look nice, i think.  

special box



such a special box would make a lovely present for a little girl. it’s a cigar box lined with wrapping paper and filled with little things. e. would drool over such a box. the idea and the pictures are from amy at angry chicken. here is another one made by her.

stitching, sewing, gluing




i bought a few of these cute craft kits last spring at a target store. e. made the little picture frame and this little rocket we gave to her friend ben for his birthday. they were a big success. i’ve been looking for them and now i found them here and also here (with free shipping).

diy wooden dolls



this is what i’m going to do next with e. i’m sure she loves to put them in fancy clothes and to make them pretty faces. found these images at this etsy shop and here. the doll figures can be bought at craft stores.

blog inspiration


fine little day is such an inspiring blog! i keep going back to see what that family is up to. this wood work is just one of many amazing things they make. it’s fantastic! so simple and it allows for so much creativity.