ice cream

my kids love to play ice cream truck. this would be the right equipment to do so. found here (in switzerland).

apple and pear

cute wooden piggy banks by vilac.


mini spielzeug

mini spielzeug, this shop in zurich will be a stop next time i’m there. via minor details.

magnetic theatre



while searching for a toy to give t. for his second birthday i came across this magnetic play theatre with wooden characters, fairy-tale backdrop scenes and magnetic sticks to move the figures around. sounds and looks great! found it here.

dinky toys cars





i’m not a car person at all. unless it comes to dinky toys cars…  

miffy markers


i saw these miffy markers at my friend m.’s house. they are very cute and remind me of mouse shaped markers i had as a child.



i’ve been seeing a lot of great diy dollhouses recently (see them here and here). this reminds me that i wanted to post e.’s little dollroom. it’s made out of a storage box and decorated to e.’s liking. we are still working on the curtains, the wall decoration and the floor. it isn’t fancy enough yet.

i like this dollroom from the nesting post: