there is

a little accordion book that tells a sweet story for somebody you like. click here to see a bigger picture of the eight illustrations. from iris schwarz, a swiss illustrator and graphic designer.


who wants ice cream?

inspired by the post below we set up our own ice cream parlor. the popsicles and ice cream scoops are made of salt dough. it turned out to be an excellent material to  create durable figures. the only down point is that it takes a while  for it to harden. we then painted the ice cream with acrylic paint.

ice cream

my kids love to play ice cream truck. this would be the right equipment to do so. found here (in switzerland).


i have been looking for these kind of stacked wooden boxes (like the ones in the background of the first picture) forever. they are from manche mitchell and also make nice book shelves.

wall stickers

i’m not a fan of wall decals at all but these stickers that include an outlet or a switch are quite funny. (via design dig)


i like the liquid raindrop pendant lamps from benjamin hopf & constantin wortmann.

little things in color

this picture is somewhat related to the post below. it’s an original collage called “little things in color” by nadja mueller, a berlin and boston based textile designer.